lauantai 21. joulukuuta 2013

Stockfish - Shakkitaktiikan "Deep Blue Sea"

Asema on pelistä Houdini-Stockfish. Matsi päättyi Stockfishin voittoon, joten Houdini pullahti superfinaalista. Musta teki epäinhimillisen ratsuloikan 29..Ncd5!!!. 

A stunning finishing blow missed by Houdini 30. exd5 [30. Nxb4 Nxb4 31. Kb1 d5 is also close to winning for black]30... Nxd3 31. f6 [31. Qxd3 Bxf5 32. Qc3 Bxc2 33. Qxc8 Rxc8 34. Rd2 Bxb3 -+] 31... Bf532. cxd3 Rxb3 33. Nc3 Rb4 -+ Despite the extra pawn white is lost due to the destroyed pawn structure and the weakness of the white squares around his king. 34. Kb1 Rd435. fxg7 [After 35. Qe3 g6 36. Qe2 Qc4 37. Kc2 Rxd5 black will shuffle the rook to play d5and activate the bishop] 35... Be7 36. Qe3 Bd8! 37. Kc2 Ba5 The last black piece joins the attack 38. h3 Black can capture either the d5 or the h3 pawn at his leisure and afterwards return his pieces to their optimal squares, white has no useful moves 38... Bxh3 39. Bd2Bf5 40. Be1 Kxg7 41. Kb1 Qa6 42. Kc2 Bb6 43. Qg3 Kg8 44. g6 [44. Bf2 Rg4 45. Qh2 Bd446. Bxd4 exd4 47. Ne2 Qc4+ 48. Kd2 Qxd5 -+] 44... hxg6 45. b3 Rg4 46. Qf3 Bd4 47. Qe2 Rg148. Rc1 White's position is in utter ruins and practically every move wins e. g. [48. Rc1 Bh349. Bd2 Rg2 50. Qe4 Rf2 followed by Bf5] 0-1

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